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The roots of our craft are trust and experience.
The base of our work ethic is the extraordinary perception of the world of film and advertising.
We help the directors and they help us. It’s simple. It’s symbiosis. We cooperate organically and creatively to achieve the best desired outcome.
We are girls who have many years of experience in writing treatments. Experience gained in practice and in theory as well. We have worked in advertising agencies as the head creatives, we have worked on the set directly with the directors and we have been directors ourselves. We know the world of talent representation and the whole industry machine’s knots and ties. We know that sometimes the most inconspicuous elements are of great importance.
We believe that a good treatment is a result of text harmonizing with a vision. And with reference photos. Sometimes, "we read with our eyes." The final effect is the full spectrum. We are always on the lookout for new solutions, we incorporate an "outside the box" approach and we equally believe in Social Media as well as shooting movies on film.
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of course our goal is to conquer the whole world :)
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